The Details

David and Marisa's Wedding

Friday, April 20 - Sunday, April 22

Main event: Saturday, April 21 at Sunset. Cocktail attire.

Hotel La Fonda
Baja California, Mexico

Hotel Reservations: (011-52) 646-155-0308
Spa Reservations: (011-52) 646-155-0394

Located halfway between Rosarito and Ensenada, Hotel La Fonda is one of Baja's best kept secrets. It has 35 cliffside rooms with tile floors and balconies, plus a spa and huge beachside bar, restaurant, and events area.

Weekend activities include: beach fun, meals and entertainment, and basking in the sun. If you stay longer, you can make a day trip to Ensenada for shopping, or hit up the local wineries,

Transportation: it's easy to safely drive to La Fonda along the modern toll roads. For those who do not wish to drive, we will reserve tour buses that pick up Friday in San Diego and return Sunday. They'll cost around $40 per person.

A note on safety: Hotel La Fonda is clean, safe and secure. Both of our families have been visiting the area for three generations. Marisa’s family maintains a family beach house five minutes away. However, exercise caution when combining Hotel La Fonda's ubiquitous stairs and cheap, strong margaritas.

Frequently asked questions:
Why do I have to do this now?
Because the sooner we book up all of La Fonda, the better. We think everyone will dig on having the hotel to ourselves.

Do I need my passport?
Yes, you need your passport to get back into the U.S. quickly and hassle-free. Make sure your passport is not expired, or get one. Kids also need passports.

Can I reserve a room for the whole week and make a little vacation out of it?
Hell yes. You'll have a blast.

Is it really safe?
Yes. Hotel La Fonda is a quiet beachside community of tourists and expats.

Why are you doing it there?
Because Baja means a lot to both of us. Our families have been visiting for generations, and trips there have become milestones of our twelve-year relationship. And it's a blast.

What about the water?
Hotel La Fonda filters both its ice and its water to accommodate all tender gringo stomachs.

What about the food?
It's amazing. Fish tacos, lobster, yellowtail -- usually caught right nearby. There is a full service restaurant at La Fonda.

How long does it take to drive there from the border?
About an hour, assuming you don’t stop for fish tacos.

Can we bring booze?
Yes, you can bring booze to enjoy in your room or on the beach, though it’s often cheaper in Mexico. Due to Mexican beverage laws, you cannot bring your own alcohol into the restaurant.

What do I do if I have more questions or special needs?
Email or call us. or Home phone is 415-525-3493.