Where to stay

La Fonda is booked up! But don't worry, there are plenty of other nearby options. Here are a few; if you'd rather rent a house in Campo Lopez, feel free to email us (marisa.lagos@gmail.com) and we can try to find something for you!

--Poco Cielo is right next door to La Fonda and takes reservations online. Or, you can call them at (760)670-3336 (it's a U.S. number).

--House of Rainbows is also within walking distance. Tell them Jose from La Fonda sent you -- call them at (619) 822-1577 (it's a U.S. number) or email info@casarainbows.com.

--If you are driving down and want a bit more space, a kitchen or a pool, Pyramid Resort is a great option. It's a little too far to walk, so it's probably best to have your own car if you choose to stay here (though there are some cabs in the area). From the U.S., call (800) 721-2252 or (951)736-6032; or email susan@pyramidresort.com.

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